Creating a workout

There are two ways to create a workout. Through the training menu or through the Management menu. From the training menu, first tap on Select a workout and you will be given the same screen as through the management menu. Tap on Create first workout or the + sign in the top right hand corner of the screen.
Here you can give your workout a name and add a note to the workout if you would like to. The next stage is selecting the exercises for your workout, tap on Add first exercise.
You can tap on the exercise types to narrow your search or you can use the search bar. Tap on the exercise to add it to your workout.
Here we have added a bench press. You can tap the to the right of the exercise to change or remove it. To the left stands OPN (open goal). Tap on OPN to add  goals to your exercise.
Select an Intensity, an amount of sets and an exertion for your exercise. Intensity can be a specific load, a percentage of the 1 Rep Maximum or a velocity in meters per second (m/s). Sets is as simple as it sounds, a number of sets to be performed 
For the Exertion tab, we have a choice of 5 different methods. Reps, Reps in Reserve, Rate of Perceived Exertion, Velocity Drop (amount as a percentage), and Cut off Velocity (a specific drop in m/s). The velocity options are calculated from the fastest rep in the set.
Now repeat the process using the Add exercise button. Once you have selected all the exercises for your workout, tap Done and the workout will be saved.
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