EN - How to start training with Vmaxpro

Meet the requirements

To start a training, you must first have to have access to a Vmaxpro Sensor. If you don't own one you can easily buy one here. You will also need an iOS device with at least iOS 14+ or an Android device with at least Android 8+ installed. Keep in mind that certain features for teams are only available on iPads.

Connecting a Vmaxpro Sensor

Tip: You have to first connect your new Vmaxpro Sensor to a power source in order to initially turn it on.

Click on the sensor icon in the upper right corner. Depending on whether the sensor has been exposed to a certain temperature change since your last workout, you will need to calibrate the sensor quickly. To do this, the sensor must be placed on all 6 sides until all are marked orange. You can then always see the current status of the sensor in the upper right corner.

Adding an exercise

Entering the app you see a blank screen. This is the training tab where you will spend most of the time using Vmaxpro. During a training session you will fill this screen with all your performed exercises. You can also predefine exercises upfront and later perform the exercises. The training with all its exercises disappears when you click the "Done" button archiving or deleting your session.

To add an exercise to your training session click the button called “Add”. The app will then want to know who is training and which exercise you want to train with which goal. It is possible to add multiple athletes to 1 exercise. In case the individual athletes should have different training goals, this can be determined later individually.

With Vmaxpro it is possible to analyze every imaginable motion sequence. Therefore, we do not provide any predefined exercises. Therefore, in the beginning you have to create the exercises you want to analyze as well as the athletes you want to train with.

Tip: Creating an exercise take care if it's a barbell exercise or not. Further, mind the chosen exercise type and change if necessary.

Start performing

First place the Vmaxpro Sensor on the training device. Performing barbell exercises we recommend placing the sensor so that the V on the sensor readable from your point of view. Therefor you can better compare your lifts afterwards.

By pressing on an exercise in the training tab you get to the corresponding exercise. Now you have to press on the load at the bottom of the training bar to enter your current load and you can start training.

The video recording function automatically cuts a video clip for each repetition while activated. The video view mode can be opened by pressing the "Video" button on the repetition overview screen.

Finishing a workout

Pressing the "Done" button on the training tab you can either archive or delete all the performed exercises you did. As soon as you archive a session, it goes into the training data archive. Which means the provided training data will be used to program your next training. Further the data can now be viewed in the archive tab.

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