EN - Solve Android Bluetooth connection problems

Case 1: I cannot establish a connection at all.

1. Make sure the device called "VMP" is not connected in the Android Bluetooth settings. If so, disconnect the connection and ensure that it is not re-established.
2. If you still can't get a connection within the app, turn Bluetooth off and on again.
3. If you still can't connect from within the app, uninstall the app and then reinstall it.

Case 2: The connection is interrupted or unstable.

Because of the Bluetooth chips especially used in cheaper devices, some devices are not able to connect to a Vmaxpro Sensor and a Bluetooth speaker at the same time. Bluetooth devices that deal with sound tend to use up to 100% of the available bandwidth. Android as operating system does the rest. The only solution is to disconnect all other Bluetooth devices.

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