EN - The charge level of my battery is displayed as critical very quickly

Please update the firmware of your sensor before you consider further actions. How this works is described in the following article.

Due to a change in the interpretation of the state of charge it can happen that it looks like the sensor is not charging correctly or discharging quickly. With firmware version 6 and a current version of our app the charge state is always output correctly.

The battery of the sensors of the older generation usually lasts about 4 hours during training. This time can be shortened by external environmental influences, such as many charging cycles or low temperatures. Not every discharge curve of the battery batches is absolutely identical, which means that the app may sometimes display the state of charge incorrectly. If the battery life is permanently very low, please contact us, and we will find a solution together. Our latest sensor generation has a significantly improved battery life and should not cause any problems.

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