EN - Why are my repetitions not recorded or only recorded incorrectly?

The question of why repetitions do not appear in the app reaches us relatively often. The solution is usually relatively trivial. Before you continue reading, please check if your sensor has the latest firmware installed

Variant 1: The minimum distance defined for the exercise is set too high. Lower it 5 - 10 cm below your normal distance, which you cover in this exercise. This setting is there so that, for example, lifting the barbell out of a rack does not generate a repetition.

Variant 2: If an exercise is not a barbell exercise, the toggle option within the exercise definition should be selected accordingly.

Variant 3: Only one or a few repetitions of a set are recorded each set. The reason is in 99% of cases impacts on the barbell or strong vibrations caused by wobbly iron plates. Here the use of our provided velcro strap can help. There is an older thinner and a newer thicker version of the velcro strap. If only the old version is available, please note that you should place a section of the velcro strap between sensor and barbell to achieve a shock absorbing effect. If that is not enough, you can turn on the audio feedback for the sensor's readiness in the black training bar (the whistle symbol on the far right). This will let the user know when the sensor is ready to measure again

Variant 4: Are you connected to a Bluetooth headset or similar during the recording? Some models require so much bandwidth that Vmaxpro can no longer receive enough data to be able to map the repetitions.

Variant 5: Strong vibrations from loose iron plates on a barbell can prevent repetitions from being detected. We recommend using clamps and the provided velcro strap.

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