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Having connection problems?

Keep Vmaxpro Sensor relatively close to your iOS device to get a connection. This is only needed to get the initial connection.

Note that iPhone 6 and other older devices can no longer be supported by us.

Why are very slow eccentric movements not recorded?

Our measuring technology, with its high demand on data accuracy, has certain physical limits within which it works reliably. Very slow eccentric movements in combination with a fast concentric phase can lead to faulty recordings.

Why doesn't the app give me any training recommendations?

All recommendations are based on the velocity profile for an athlete in an exercise. For this profile at least 3 loads over 40% 1RM must be recorded at maximum execution velocity. Furthermore, it is important for the accuracy of the 1RM estimation that the minimum velocity threshold is known. For this you can perform a set between 70 and 90% until shortly before the failure.

Why is my 1-RM wrong or jumps heavily?

  1. The 1-RM is calculated from velocities at different loads and the slowest execution speed. This is assumed starting with 0.5 m/s and adapts itself by learning.
  2. Consciously slow repetitions with light loads lead to misjudgments.
  3. Were all weights entered correctly?
  4. Each variation of an exercise, e.g. Squat or Front squat, must be created as a separate exercise in order to be able to make valid statements about the 1-RM.
  5. Make sure that the recorded data takes on meaningful values. No measuring system is perfect.

Which exercises can be recorded?

There is no restriction on the type and number of exercises that can be created. The different exercise types are queried individually when they are created and can be configured accordingly.

What is the reliability of Vmaxpro's data?

In cooperation with the University of Magdeburg we have prepared various papers in which we have Vmaxpro compete against gold standard software and hardware from VICON.

Scientific publications

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